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Watch our 2021 symposium: CKD–MBD management – a clinical perspective

28 June 2021

Vifor Pharma’s virtual CKD–MBD symposium and SHPT booth at ERA–EDTA 2021 were a resounding success

In June 2021, Vifor Pharma hosted a virtual symposium at the 58th European Renal Association–European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA–EDTA) Congress. Entitled ‘CKD–MBD management – a clinical perspective’, the symposium gave attendees the opportunity to explore expert clinical perspectives on the management of two key components of chronic kidney disease–mineral and bone disorder (CKD–MBD): secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) and hyperphosphataemia. Vifor Pharma also hosted a virtual SHPT booth to raise awareness about SHPT in CKD. A summary video of one of the presentations at the symposium and a link to watch the full symposium are provided below, along with highlights about the SHPT booth. The summary video includes discussion of a real patient case that exemplifies the most relevant questions that might arise when treating SHPT.

The Chair, presenters and programme of the symposium

The Vifor Pharma symposium began with an introduction by the Chair, Professor Julia Weinmann-Menke,* which included an overview of the potential biochemical and clinical outcomes of CKD–MBD.

The introduction was followed by two enlightening and information-packed presentations, one by Professor Michael Germain and another by Professor Emilio Sanchez.

Overview of Professor Germain’s presentation

Professor Germain focused on practical approaches to managing SHPT in non-dialysis CKD, incorporating the real-life case of a 58-year-old patient.


The patient’s journey was outlined, along with the challenges associated with his treatment. The presentation covered a wide range of topics, providing insights into:

  • The complications of unmanaged SHPT
  • The Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) guidelines on the management of SHPT
  • Vitamin D metabolism
  • The limitations of commonly used vitamin D products
  • The 25-hydroxyvitamin D level required to sustainably control SHPT in non-dialysis patients

Below is a summary video of Professor Germain’s presentation. It features four important questions that he answered about his patient and his treatment.

Overview of Professor Sanchez’s presentation

Professor Sanchez looked at ways of addressing the clinical challenges of managing hyperphosphataemia in CKD patients, using real-world insights from a patient case. The presentation explored expert strategies of improving patient outcomes and covered such subjects as:

  • The association between hyperphosphataemia and increased risk of mortality
  • KDIGO’s guidelines on the management of hyperphosphataemia
  • The four ‘Ds’ of treating hyperphosphataemia in CKD: diet, diuresis, dialysis and drugs
  • The causes of poor patient adherence
  • The limitations and advantages of existing and novel pharmacological options

Watch the full symposium now

You can watch the presentations by professors Germain and Sanchez in full, along with the introduction by the Chair, at the ERA–EDTA congress site.

The feature-packed virtual SHPT booth


The Vifor Pharma virtual SHPT booth allowed attendees to watch presentations and download a range of educational materials related to managing SHPT in CKD. Most of these features are available on this website.

At the virtual SHPT booth, the attendees were able to:

  • Test their knowledge of SHPT by taking our SHPT Challenge, available in our Test Yourself section
  • Watch our creative animation about the unmet needs of SHPT treatment, available on our Watch page
  • Download our KDIGO CKD–MBD Quick Reference Guide, a booklet that outlines KDIGO’s guidelines on the management of CKD–MBD, accessible on our Download page
  • Download our SHPT Complete Guide, a PDF booklet that contains all the information in our Learn section
  • Watch the highlights of a presentation by Professor Jan Kielstein in which he calls for the 25(OH)D target for treating SHPT to be increased, available in an article in our Stay Updated section

A big thank you to everyone involved!

We’d like to thank everyone involved in delivering our 2021 ERA–EDTA virtual symposium and SHPT booth. We extend a special thank you to the Chair of the symposium, Professor Julia Weinmann-Menke, and our fantastic speakers, professors Germain and Sanchez.


*Head of Nephrology, University Medical Centre Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

Professor of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Head of Nephrology, University Hospital of Cabueñes, Gijón, Spain.

Director of Medical Clinic V, Hypertension and Nephrology, Tertiary Care and Teaching Hospital Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany.