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Hone your SHPT management skills by treating this virtual case

17 January 2022

Virtual clinic allows you to test and improve your understanding of SHPT and its management has published the virtual case of a non-dialysis chronic kidney disease (ND-CKD) patient who needs treatment for secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) and vitamin D deficiency. The case, which was created with the help of Professor Michael J Germain,* is designed to help you test and update your understanding of the latest medical evidence and clinical guidelines concerning the optimal management of SHPT in ND-CKD.

What you will learn

The virtual ND-CKD patient with SHPT on (Figure 1) has a detailed medical history that stretches back five years and includes changing laboratory values, treatments and other comorbidities.

Figure 1. Overview of the SHPT 'patient' on the virtual clinic platform

The six questions that you must answer to progress through the case will test how well you understand:

  • The pathogenesis of SHPT
  • The risks the patient faces without early and effective treatment
  • The monitoring guidelines that apply to the patient
  • What the guidelines say about the patient’s current treatment
  • What the optimal treatment for the patient is

By the time you complete the case, you will have a better grasp of SHPT; the latest evidence concerning its management; and the pros and cons of different treatment options, including current and emerging ones.

Try the case now

You can try to treat the virtual SHPT patient now at The case will help to prepare you for similar challenges in real life.


*Baystate Medical Center and Tufts University, Springfield, MA, USA.